What do do preflop with small pair/suited connectors.

    • Spungeh
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      I seem to always play this wrong..

      If i had 22o would i raise it hoping to hit a set or simply call, knowing that as soon as the fllop comes out i will mostly be losing.

      Also, suited connectors, what do i do here? I tend to raise it up, ive won stupid amounts of hands of flushs/straights recently due to this..

      but think im getting -EV doing this?
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    • Spungeh
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      ok no answes, ill try answer myself see whats wrong with it.

      Basically if i hit a low pair, 22/33/44/55 and sometimes 66 depending where i am positioned i play it dif.

      EP - call
      MP - call (unless a big raise have been put in then fold)
      LP - Depends how many people called/folded, if more than 1 has raised i fold, if only 1 i call. If noone has raised, i raise to around 3BB +1BB per call.. (standard)

      Miss the flop - but if its rainbow, or random cards I tend to make a cbet, unless someone has made a huge raise before me.. I tend to win it here if i make a cbet big enough for everyone thats missed.

      Hit the flop - well its a set, and i raise it up.. simple

      If i carry on and people are still raising and there are more than 2-3higher cards that could equal a pair/set i tend to fold it as soon as someone makes a bet, if the guy checks throughout i make a cbet which normal gets him to fold and i take the pot.

      But are there any other ways to play this?
    • patszerdonk
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      I have been strugled with this problem too. I do not have a solution yet, but I think calling a raise (with purpose to hit big made/draw hand) with small pp or sc is -EV. I only playing it if I am the open raiser, so I representing a big hand. On the flop, if I think my opp do not hit then I'll cbet and hoping he will fold. One of the main purpose to play this hands is to improve our VPIP/PFR, so we do not look like a nit.

      Note: I'm playing Short Handed NL.
    • Spungeh
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      Ive been playing NL.25 at the moment.

      Which is where most of my hands for the last week have been, Cash games i just dont know what to do here.. at all..

      whereas SnG i tend to raise it up, to represent a strong hand and if i miss out and he checks i raise.. otherwise i fold to any bet..

      But for cash games, i simply cannot find a +EV way of playing this.
    • roopopper
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      calling a raise when villain has more than 20x this amount in his stack with small pp or suited connectors is profitable when you hit your set/flush/straight because of the implied odds your opponent will pay you off with when you do hit. I think the percentage of pp's hitting a set is only around 12% but becuase of the implied odds of a big payout when you do hit then it becomes very profitable.
      They are also easy to play when you dont hit your hand as its an easy fold! :P

      i'm sure someone with much more knowledge than me will be along to explain at some point :P


    • Bendafatman
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      note: I play 10-man sngs

      :spade: I call small pairs if I have more than 14BB's. If i have less than 6BB im all in, unless someones raised
      :spade: I used to play a lot of suited connectors but after looking at the amount won/lost, i tend to fold. Unless im feeling lucky :)

      I never raise preflop with either, unless im in position :)
    • Jim4rdo
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      Kinda complicated

      Are you playing sh or fr? as in 6 handed, or 9 handed.

      Because your opening ranges should change depending on them. For example, sh i'll open raise 22 from any position, but fr i won't open it utg, just because I think you lose a lot of equity in the hand doing it.

      I'll also call any OR on the hj/c/bu with any pp, as long as there isn't a 3bet preflop, sh or fr. Any pp you can call for set value, because your implied odds are huge if you hit. You'll hit a set about 1/7 times you get a PP. But if you're calling for set value, 22-77 you can pretty much just fold if you miss, you don't really gain from any other play

      And as for c-betting, just practice I suppose. I still struggle a lot now :) But are you the pre flop aggressor? Are you calling and donking out? Really depends on opponent and your image, position, so I can't really comment on that

      Like roo said, hope someone more experienced can chip in a more straight forward way