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5 BI in An Hour!

    • Gezep
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 21
      So I play at Ladbrokes 0.2/0.4 6 Max NL. I have enterd my first week playing poker Daily accumilating 16.5k Hands. It had been going fantastic but as I write I am pretty fuming. Ladbrokes is often full of fish but as I sat down at my usual 4-6 tables this evening I thought I was In heaven, each of my 6 max tables had 2 or more fish playing 70% or more of hands. As per usual I play TAG and with this many fish i often tighten up further .. The results follow

      1st Buy In

      JJ Busted. Raise 5 BB Flop Shows AA5 Chcked to Me Standard CB which is Called.

      Flop: J. The Villan goes all in. Does He have A5 possible However i chose to call. He turns over A2. Bet we can all gues what comes on the river.

      2nd Buy In

      AA, two raises in front of me from players with 87 and 79 VPIP. I raise again 3.5 times the largest raise. This bet coverd the stack of the initial raiser of which he chooses to go All In. The next guy also chooses to go all in obviously i call. Initial raises turns over J3 Suited and the other 44. 4 Comes on the river.

      3rd Buy In

      AK dude goes all in, in front of me been at the table for 6 hands VPIP 100% previous hand he doubled up with 89s. I call All in He has AJ and hits his J.

      4 Buy in

      AK this time in the BB 1 caller in front I raise 5 BB again because I know I am to be called. He chooses to raise. I re raise again 3x his bet of which he calls. Flop shows AK6 I bet half pot he goes all in. I call He turns over JJ. Turn 10 River Q. Sooooooooooooo sick.

      Im not a player who tilts i get wound up but I stick to my starting hands.

      Finally my final buy in of the evening Im positive because i dont feel i have really done alot wrong.

      I get KK and it gets busted by some idiot who goes all in with 66 preflop. But no he doesnt hit a 6 but a flush.

      Writing this has actually calmed me a little. But i really have never seen such bad luck before in any field of anything haha.


      Any advice? Or anyone has this much bad luck in a 1 hour session?
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