[NL2-NL10] NL2 Full Ring QQ on CO

    • totalfish
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      Hand Information
      Holdem NL, 0.02 BB (10 handed).
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      Table Information
      Seat: 1 27offsuite27 ($5)
      Seat: 2 7385469 ($7.67)
      Seat: 3 rocknrolla90 ($1.95)
      Seat: 4 Takosun ($0.7)
      Seat: 5 sigachu ($1)
      Seat: 6 IamBackToNite ($0.94)
      Seat: 7 eagle0 ($3.04)
      Seat: 8 TJSilencer ($2.57) Dealer
      Seat: 9 cardgambler ($6.52) Small Blind
      Seat: 10 thesnake65 ($5.15) Big Blind
      Dealt to eagle0
      :Qh:  :Qd:  

      Preflop (Pot:0.03)
      7385469    RAISE $0.08
      rocknrolla90    FOLD
      Takosun    FOLD
      sigachu    FOLD
      IamBackToNite    FOLD
      eagle0    RAISE $0.24
      TJSilencer    FOLD
      thesnake65    FOLD
      27offsuite27    FOLD
      7385469    CALL $0.16

      Flop(Pot: $0.51)
      :7c:  :3h:  :2d:  

      7385469    CHECK
      eagle0    BET $0.38
      7385469    CALL $0.38

      Turn(Pot: $1.27)
      :7c:  :3h:  :2d:  :As:  

      7385469    CHECK
      eagle0    CHECK

      River(Pot: $1.27)
      :7c:  :3h:  :2d:  :As:  :9s:  

      7385469    BET $0.95
      eagle0    FOLD

      rocknrolla90 FOLD

      Takosun FOLD

      sigachu FOLD

      IamBackToNite FOLD

      eagle0 RAISE

      TJSilencer FOLD

      thesnake65 FOLD

      27offsuite27 FOLD

      7385469 CALL

      TJSilencer Flop
      :7c:  :3h:  :2d:  
      7385469 CHECK

      eagle0 BET

      7385469 CALL

      TJSilencer Turn
      7385469 CHECK

      eagle0 CHECK

      TJSilencer River
      7385469 BET

      eagle0 FOLD

      7385469  wins the pot: $1.27

      Pre flop : the player who raises UTG is tight, i 3bet him to see where i stand then he calls so i put him on AK,JJ,TT-22, (AA,KK not so often because he would reraised me, AQ, QQ i have QQ so its not very possible to hold one of these cards.

      flop: a standart CB from me he calls i put him AK,77,22,33,JJ,TT,99,88

      turn:a scary card for me he checks again i didn't know what to do and thats my question should i bet or check? how much to bet? i decided to check behind

      river:he bets big, i fold i didn't think that i win in this spot because i was sure that he had AK,77,22,33,or 99 something that he beats me.
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    • veriz
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      Hello totalfish,

      Welcome to the NL BSS Hand Evaluation Forum! Hopefully we will see more hands from you in the futuure. I hope that with our help you can improve your play and as well move up the limits. We will be waiting for the next hands and till that good luck on tables!

      Depends really on the opponent but most likely Checking behind on turn is the safest play. And as he bets that huge on river you can't really do anything except to fold the hand. Most likely are beaten. And you mostly beat only bluff.

      Best regards.
    • totalfish
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      thanks Veriz for your time to answer in my question, it was helpful.i will post again hands that make me wonder if i did the correct move.

      have a good day!