After installing and configuring Poker Tracker 3 for my Party Poker tables, I still run into this problem that is displayed in the following image.


This happens each time the HUD resets (stats update, manual configuration of settings etc). Please note that these are identical tables (Welcome Lounge NL4 10-seated).

I have tried different scenarios:

a) My initial configuration: I configured my preferred seating at PartyPoker and at Poker Tracker autoimport menu - as it can be seen from the screen, my picked position is 1st at 10-seated table. After starting a session, I noticed the HUD stats being displaced.

b) First, I decided to correct this during the session by changing the duration of displayed mucked hands in the HUD options menu (to 15 seconds), so I could drag the displaced mucked hands along with displaced HUD stats. However, after a reset the same story.

c) After finishing a session, I disabled preferred seating on both sites. Ticked "adjust qualifying table limits" and tested the configuration during a new session. Still, after a random reset stats are shifting back to displaced location and some of them, as stated above, are missing.

Is there something that I am doing wrong? Or is it a common troubleshooting for this type of tables - since I have not tried out regular 9-seated tables on PartyPoker yet, but I do not see why these table cannot function normally...

And the most important question, is there a solution for the troubleshooting, and if so, then how?