micro FR vs SH

    • sinsas
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      Hello guys, I started playing at stars in mid June and made transition from tournaments to cash games

      I am currently playing NL10 sh 6tables w some shots ant NL25 sh (4tables) and I ran pretty good making 500+$ in ~37k hands (yep i know my volume sucks :D )
      For some reason i chose to play SH and not FR, maybe for more action and more poker like game, because you can play more hands than in FR. But as my hand history kept growing, I noticed that there is pretty much regs at the tables, more often than not they are pretty bad, but others are somewhat decent for these micro stakes.

      So if any of you guys play up to NL50 FR/SH on stars maybe you know which FR or SH has more regs, fishes, random players that are not that good ?

      any response is appreciated :spade:
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