weak hands fold better hands call

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      i guess it depends on the board and opponent's range. i'll use an example i just saw of someone not thinking right... 2NL; the board was :club: :heart: :club: :club: :club: and it was just me and him in the hand. the pot was like $0.08 by the river and i was sat with A :club: . the guy decided to bet on the river $0.40 - completely pointless bet by him. since he didn't have a club, and he thought, "wow, 4 clubs. i can take a stab at bluffing this... if he doesn't have a club then he'll think i do and he'll definitely fold!" and bets out big, i reraise him and he just pissed away his $0.40 because he didnt think about if i had a better hand. so in that situation, if i don't have a club i'm folding my hand but if i do i'm AT LEAST calling. so it's in his best interest not to bet out if he doesn't have a club.

      its the same for a board that completes lots of straights - if you don't have it dont try and play the hand, even if you have a hand yourself, if it's not a straight or better then your only gunna force out the very weak hands and get called/raised by the hands that have you dominated. obviously there's more to it than with straights and flushes but it all depends on the board and your opponent. i hope that helps.
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      Originally posted by legand73
      Sorry if this question is quite broad but in which situations can we know if its a bad idea to bet because weaker hands would fold and better hands would call
      hi legand73 :diamond:

      That is indeed a great question. You need to think with what hands your opponent has called previous streets (and preflop) and which of those hands
      are going to fold and which are going to call. But this wouldnt be enough- you need to know if villain's hand range is capable of dealing with the pot size created by your bets. Generally, against calling stations we ought to bet more thinly, whereas against guys with WTSD=24 we should be more inclined to bluff. Don't take it as 'i should bluff wtsd=24 guys' - this is just a general rule.

      an example:

      [HU] Hand #1

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      Thanks guys
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      Try this exercise: Cover your hand and decide with which hands your opponent will call, and with hands your opponent will fold. Only then consider your hand, and determine whether you have a profitable bluff or a value bet. It is not enough that some weaker hands will call or that some stronger hands will fold, you usually need a lot, and you usually want to avoid betting with hands which are anywhere close to the boundary.

      There are times when it can be ok to make a bet which folds out no better hands and which is not called by any worse hands. Sometimes before the river you bet for protection, claiming the pot from some draws, accepting that you are paying off better made hands. If there is a raise and a reraise in front of your KK, and you think a cold push will only get called by AA or another KK, this does not mean it is wrong to push. It could be right to push so that players with hands like AQ or TT don't get the chance to outflop KK.

      There is a subtle situation on the river when it can be ok to make a bet with neither value nor bluffing power. If you are out of position and feel that checking turns your hand face up, then checking may mean your opponent gets to bluff or value bet against you very effectively. It can be right to make a small blocking bet so that your opponent does not make a large value bet or bluff. However, this is an advanced play.
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      ok thanks for that guys. My hand reading skills are quite weak at the moment so this is something in my game that needs a lot of work