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Pyschological Part of Poker Part 1 Distractions

    • JBCD71
      Joined: 21.08.2008 Posts: 146
      [COLOR=blue][COLOR=green]Poker :The strength of the mind.I find in poker you need to control parts of your private life and keep them from the felt when you play or your doomed.Problems you have in your every day life can effect your play if your not careful.As a player you also need to stay in a positive mindest regardless if you are upset about a arguement you had with your wife or sister,brother relative.You must learn to use this power to not let it effect you and be able to block it out when you sit down at the table to if you flick a switch.This is one of many distractions that can effect your play at the table.It could also be a player trying to anger with you..anything to throw you off your game.I find the best way is to ignore this type of player,he will soon stop once he are not bothered by it.When you play you will need to put your mind in the mindset that you are going to win..expect nothing less...and expect the best and only the best cards,after all you deserve it.If you think you wont win are thinking like a loser and you wont win.If you think your going to win are thinking like a winner hence then you deserve to win.These are only a small part of problems that can occur at the a needle in a hay stack.But i hope this can help someone with there game.I know it has helped mine.Good luck at the tables.JBCD71 A.K.A. Johnny ACES Cabral.
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