How to cash out in party poker

    • pipersting
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      I've played in party poker for a long time and now i really want to cash out the money . But i don't have much money for deposit min 25$ .So could anyone help me about that trouble ? Do i need to deposit to cash out or just get enough 100 points strategy ?
      Thank you all
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    • DuDaa
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      Hey mate!
      I cashed out my money not long time ago, just do a bank transfer.
      You will need to pay 3$ from your bankroll as a fee, but you will get all your money :)
      Min.50$ to cash out :)
    • purplefizz
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      hi pipersting,

      - To cash-out the Free50 and/or winnings the user has to gather 100 PartyPoints first (basic poker points, any promotional points shouldn't be considered).
      - Timelimit to gather 100 PartyPoints to keep the Free50 is 90 days.
      - After 90 days without 100 PartyPoints earned, users may withdraw winnings & whatever is left of the Free50.

      if you will withdraw via e-wallet, you will first be asked to make a deposit using that same ewallet. i dont think a deposit is needed if you will withdraw via bank transfer. right Dudaa?
      for any doubts, the best people to contact will be the poker room itself :)