Bankroll advice please.

    • Arron63
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      Hi everyone!

      I've been moving around between limit and no-limit (sometimes pot-limit), and now I only want to play fixed limit, mainly because I enjoy the game more, and I reckon it's much easier.

      For playing around 8 tables, what type of bankroll would you suggest for TAG player? I've looked around and all I see is 300big bets, which I know isn't enough. So, what do you guys recommend ?

      Thanks, and good luck :)
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    • Waiboy
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      Hey Arron63

      The number of tables is irrelevant (allowing that more tables usually equals lower winrate), what you're concerned with in BRM is how big a swing you can survive. As you note 300BB is a good rule of thumb for Full Ring micro limits. Above, say, .50/1 I'd consider increasing that.

      For short handed play (ie 6max or less) use 500BB as a base minimum.

      The most important thing is to remember to move down no later than 300/500BB for the limit below.. even more if you want to reduce the impact of negative variance.

      Trust this helps.