[NL20-NL50] NL50 JJ in a perfect scenario

    • SilverSag
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      I wish there were more hands like this, but... villain (regular 17/13/1.7) still has money left. Does that mean my bet sizing was wrong? I did bet only 1/2 pot on turn, because I did not want to scare him off, but maybe it would not make any difference? Please evaluate:

      €0.25/€0.50 No Limit Holdem
      9 Players
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      SilverSag (UTG) (€66.53)
      UTG+1 (€9)
      MP1 (€50)
      MP2 (€11.95)
      MP3 (€48.90)
      CO (€49.35)
      BTN (€54.05)
      SB (€21.04)
      BB (€9.75)

      Pre-Flop: (€0.75, 9 players) SilverSag is UTG J:club: J:diamond:
      SilverSag raises to €2, 5 folds, BTN calls €2, 2 folds

      Flop: 8:heart: 3:heart: 4:club: (€4.75, 2 players)
      SilverSag bets €3.56, BTN calls €3.56

      Turn: J:spade: (€11.87, 2 players)
      SilverSag bets €5.93, BTN calls €5.93

      River: 4:spade: (€23.73, 2 players)
      SilverSag bets €17.79, BTN calls €17.79

      Final Pot: €59.31
      SilverSag shows
      J:club: J:diamond:

      SilverSag wins €56.36 (net +€27.08)

      BTN lost €29.28
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    • Kaitz20
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      either bet more on the turn or c/r. Jx is quite blank and I think he wouldn´t most of the times turn his hands into bluff and raise turn, so he would either call you down or fold.
      River valuebet size is fine