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first thread first day 1millionth bad beat!

    • thejakkrabbit151
      Joined: 20.07.2011 Posts: 1
      im playing a tourney well into the money 28 left,in the bb with k8 suited all fold to the sb who flat raises to 6k,i call and the flop comes k23 rainbow,sb open shoves for 75% of my stack and i call to see his k6 off..he rivers a 6 where did i go wrong?should i have folded pre or on the flop? i know a lot of people will say i shouldn't be in the hand in the first place but blind on blind a suited k cant be much of an underdog? + i have the all important position...btw im just under average with 44k odd...maybe im fishy
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    • Tunatic
      Joined: 13.03.2011 Posts: 247
      You have to understand that sometimes poker just doesn't seem fair, I've gone through much worse bad beats, and I know you can feel pretty bad, especially if you've made it very far into the tournament already.

      With your case, it would help if you'd say at what level the blinds were standing. If you haven't entered the late phase yet (you had less than 14bbs), which you most likely haven't, you should fold the K8 if the sb raised you. Actually, there's no phase of the tournament where I would go to see the flop with this hand. Trust me, it's best if you're playing tight in a tourney, you want to survive as long as possible, not get busted when holding a stupid hand like K8s.