was promised 50 d

    • ditte2410
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      a frind told me of this site.. so i sign up and tog the quiz..

      and i past it after servel hour. then i hope for 50 d. and i was happy.

      next day they say i shall have a phone call and scan som dukoment to them...

      i have no scanner så i go down to the store buy me a scanner go back and then i scan and send all the thing there ask for..

      then to day i got message i cant not get my 50 d . no reason why just that i have not pass somkind of secerity...

      for 2 hole days i do everything you ask... everything... i then you just say no thank... you can not get 50 d but it you want you can make a deposit.. lol

      it is and take your ass to the people and the false advertising. the promise a bonus against a quis and someone dukomenter but when i have done it all..
      i got nothing... just nothing.... thanks alot ofr getting me to buy a scanner and belive this fup sites.... will tell all my poker frinds this is fake
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    • IngridN
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      Hi ditte2410,

      I am sorry to read that you have failed our ID check.

      However, please note that creating duplicate accounts is a serious violation against our Terms & Conditions.

      If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support and they will be happy to give you a reply.


      P.s: Also, please take a look at this thread as it could be helpful to convince you that we definitely don't scam our members :)