First of all I want to thank Pokerstrategy for offering the first aid bankroll boost of $250 after FTP lost its license! I had most of my bankroll on FTP and the events of June 29th were pretty devastating to me. It sucks to stat grinding from the very bottom, but after spending over a year at the online tables I was fairly confident that I had the discipline and ability to grind up my bankroll fairly quickly.

I decided that I will adopt an aggressive bankroll management strategy up until I reach NL200 (the limit I used to play on FTP). By that I mean I will use a 5 buyin strategy and play 4 tables of 6max at a time. So that would mean that I would start at NL50 and move up to NL100 at $500 or move down to NL25 at $125 and so on.

Within a couple of days I was up to $800 and then back down to $300 and I kept bouncing up and down between NL50 and NL100. So I thought I give HU a shot. I used to play a lot of HU and I was crushing NL50 and NL100 to the tune of over 20bb/100hands. It was NL200HU where I started struggling and gave it up to play 6max.

What do you know... It has been 18 days on William Hill and I may be on my sickest heater on the HU tables. To be fair I think players have been quite awful and way softer than anything I have seen on FTP or Stars. In spite of the small sample my NL50 HU win rate is at 20.43bb/100 and my NL100 HU win rate is at a whopping 117.86bb/100. Sample is only a few thousand hands and I expect the NL100 win rate to come down to between 15-20bb/100. Nevertheless I felt like I had to share this run good while it lasts.

I wish I knew how to properly post images, but I am a forum noob so that's all I can do =)

I will be going on a month long vacation in August but I will update my progress in September. Hopefully I will be giving NL200HU a shot and if my opponents are remotely as bad as what I have encountered at NL100 and NL50 then it should be a piece of cake. Please share any HU experiences and thoughts. I would love to hear from people who also got the $250 bankroll boost and what kind of strategy you guys are using to grind up.