[Application] Risk - Reward - $11 MTT on stars

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      Hi Guys,

      I can grind $4.50 SNGs on STARS and make a profit.

      180 Man SNG on STARS

      feedback for jass1960

      I can grind $4.40 Rush SNGs and Rush ODD and make a profit.

      sharkscope oliverimoge

      I now want to move it up a level and play throughout August on STARS, MTT $11, $22 and $11 rebuy.

      But I can see that you guys might think that is a step too far - but (small sample - 400 +) I have had great success ($7000+ profit),

      Sharkscope TheDoctor644

      I have also have 2 csv files downloaded from PT3 that I can email you.

      But I know variance is high so it is up to you if you want to invest - I offer 40%-60% in your favour - I appreciate the risks are high for you - but the rewards could be as well.

      Other info

      I am also being coached at MTT by Aaron Lambert and will continue that throughout August.

      MTT Coaching **1/3 of Typical Price**

      Where is the bankroll - you may ask

      Withdrew $5k in Jan/Feb to pay for Xmas
      Withdrew $4k in July because my car was f****d
      And the rest is stuck on FT

      So I am looking to play a mix of the above - no turbos. so probably play 5 a day average, at an average buy-in of $17.60 (1 x $11 rebuy, 1 x $22, 3 x $11).

      So looking to play 100 in August at a total cost of $1760.

      I only want 10% blocks ($176) - anything smaller is a bit of a pain.

      I am away on holiday next week so will reply to all on my return through the member portal and then on skype.


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