[NL2-NL10] NL10: OOP set vs preflop raiser

    • raasz
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      I would like your opion about this hand:
      I check the flop because i know he's about to fire a bet. I cold call to make him think i'm on a flushdraw. I hope he has hit the ace and that he's a player who finds it hard to fold TPTK. I decide to check the turn because i think he will make another bet because me hand is wel disguised. Then: my move is all-in. I this a good or bad move? Should i just call once more(i think it's not good because i think he will back down because it's suspicious that a player cold calls 2 big bets) or raise to something like $5,50 or so?

      I'm curious to know how other players act in such a situation. Let me know!
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    • DoigteurFou
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      bet the turn or check-raise it. At these limits slowplay will pay far less that betting.

      check-raise the turn.
      as played the all-in looks good, unless you had a read on the villain
    • Marky84
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      i think the all-in is good, a raise to $5,50 would commit you anyway and if villain wants a showdown, let him pay the full price
      in addition, on that board he maybe thinks youre just trying to bluff the completed straight draw :D
    • Thorsten77
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      A spade kills all your action - I wanna get the money in. If he's very aggressive you may consider betting the flop, hoping for a reraise. Another option is c/r the flop. After showing aggression, you should lead the turn. I don't like the c/c c/r line as you typically always have a monster in this spot - c/r flop can be played with a wider range.