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Connectors vs Low Pairs in SH UTG/MP

    • rudders93
      Joined: 19.06.2011 Posts: 93

      I've been looking through some SH starting hand charts and almost all of them recommend you raise from UTG and MP with all pairs (22+) however they do not recommend doing this with all connectors below JT (both suited and unsuited).

      I'm still struggling to understand why. I feel that perhaps one fold / limp with the very low pairs (22-66) and instead replacing them with raising 87s+, 98o+. I figure that suited connectors are easier more likely to hit + when you hit you'll feel less pressured to remain in the hand (consider with say 98o hitting a flop of: 9 6 2 rainbow and thereby having top pair - which is easier to play post flop as you're gonna be less attached to it than say playing with 22 and hitting 2 Tc 9c and then being in strife post flop with the very attractive looking trips but also with the dangerous flush draw + possible straight + possible callers with pocket 9s or Ts.

      But I have an feeling that my reasoning is probably quite wrong so I was wondering if perhaps someone could explain why it is that these basic, tight starting hands charts (with VPIP ~20) advocate the low pocket pairs over the mid range connectors in early position


      Note: talking about 6max not full ring ;)
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    • keoghh
      Joined: 01.07.2011 Posts: 857
      Im not an expert, but im guessing that its because the reward from hitting a set from a small pair is much higher and also can be very disguised, whereas if you play connectors, and say hit middle pair, you still dont really know where you stand, do your opponents have an overpair, do they have top pair, and even if you have top pair like in the example you described, your kicker is terrible, so you again dont know where you stand, can see where your coming from tho as there is a big reward also from having a straight, hope this helped because i feel like i babbled a bit, anyway.. :)
    • patszerdonk
      Joined: 19.05.2011 Posts: 834

      I have been thinking about the some problem (small pp vs suit conectors) and at the moment I prefer to play small pocket pair. My reasons are:

      1. pocket pair is more deceptive than sc. If we flopping set, there is no way opponent know it. But if we hit FD/SD Villain can see it and playing carefully even when they have AA.

      2. SC is harder to play out of position. For example, we hold 87s at the BB and flop K72 rainbow. Will we call Flop CBet? Turn CBet?
      With small PP, it's easy decision. Flop or Fold!

      I think playing SC can be profitable if we play it in position and/or we were preflop agresor, so sometimes I play it at CO or BU, depending on who are at the blind. If the blinds quite passive, I'll play it because I can semi bluff at later streets.

      One more thing, the reason to play these kind of hands is for balancing purpose i.e. to improve our V$IP/PFR. If we only playing JJ+, AQ+ then opponents will be reluctant to play a hand vs us. But at my level (NL2 and NL4 Short Handed) that's not a big issue because not many opponent notice it.