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      Removing uncomfortable topics reminds me totalitarian methods. I am not able to accpept the whole thing.
      This post will be deleted as any for Sapheal. On the Polish forum there was discussion over a thousand posts Sapheal and fraud. Paste previously deleted the shortcut.

      btw sorry for my English

      Guy is a borderline liar. He created an image of himself being some kind of a genius savant - brilliant mathematician understanding poker in ways that are unaccessible to simplier minds. The only thing it's true bout him is that he has a strong mathematical background. He tried to hustle people into taking very expensive private coachings on base that he's crushing stakes up to nllk, nl2k which he stated few times, even in recorded prived coaching that was lately published in video section. When some of our coaches, known and respected high-stakes players, asked to show some confirmation of his results to back up ridicolous in their opinion price, sapheal started backing up and the only thing he could say about his qualifications to coach people on high stakes level is that his blog is very popular, and people attending to his coachings like them a lot - which was obv not enough. People started to wonder who is this guy and asking for confirmation that he is what he stated he is. After that, whole sapheal private coachings thread was edited and closed. Then shit hit the fan. People started to wonder who is this guy, and tried to verify some of the things he said about himself without any luck.
      Lot of them were unverifyable (if that's even a word ©), but among all the things he stated about himself were: -he was crushing nllk, nl2k games
      -he had 2m winnings in mtts (lol) and crushing 216s and 109s on ftp
      -he played 50k high stakes sngs achieving A5 level (he was talking about topshark prolly)
      -he had an offer of being staked to play nllOOk and nllOk which he humbly refused
      -he had a model agency in Brazil
      -he was dating brazilian top model
      -he has been playing Go with archmaster, and chess with "ultra chessmaster" (?)
      and some other bullshit that he told to build an image of himself (or dunno, pump up his ego) on his blog, which btw, was quite poor in true poker content, but very good in terms of mathematical-abstract-outtathisworld language which i guess was meant to confuse his audience to belive he is an outstanding thinker and understand thing beyond our imagination.
      Obviously sapheal couldn't confirm anything and like compromised politician, he refused to make any comment about situation. What's funny, after this whole situation, Department of Education, which is sapheal's employer, tried to silence whole thing by making a lousy annoucement stating that they are confirming his coaching abilieties by allowing him to make an offer of private coachings and post them on They also passed an argument that one's don't have to be a great player to be the great coach, like Jose Mourinho ©
      This guy is utterly compromised on polish community and thre's no place for him there. I guess he remains the employer of Department of Education. I'd strongly suggest being cautious when it comes to believing in anything he's got to say. It also applies to things sapheal's saying about anything related to poker. When he tell you that the subject is super advance or analysis which he just made is mindblowing, think on your own - is it?
      I'd like to apologize for my english. I'm not a fluent speaker or writer so I was unable to paint the whole picture to you and it may sound like a rambling. I can only assure you that polish people doesn't have strange sense of humour. We just despite liars and cheats.
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      I had been hearing some bits and pieces, but most posts being edited, so thanks for a quick runthrough.

      Probably not all the story, but something.

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      This must be Illuminati
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      Please note that there is already a thread about this topic, so I will close this one out as we don't see any additional value in having multiple topics about the same issue whilst this topic is still being looked into.

      I'll leave it here in the forum and link to the other topic:

      The Truth About Sapheal

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