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      Hi Tekinter

      Reason 2: release all the limits above beginners' limits

      If you start playing poker with the $50 starting capital, you can only play beginners' limits initially:
      No Limit: $0.02/$0.04
      Fixed Limit: $0.10/0.20
      Sit and Go Tournaments: $1 Buy-in
      These limits are in line with PokerStrategy.com's bankroll management guidelines. In order to play higher limits you need to either...

      generate at least $50 in rake or tournament fees
      or deposit at least $100 more in your poker account
      The block on higher limits will then be lifted and you can choose whatever limit you want.
      Please note that if you deposit $100 or more, you must contact the Poker770 online support in order to have the the block lifted.
      you can find more info here:


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