Selective aggresion vs accumulating chips

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      NL Holdem $400(BB) Poker Stars
      SB ($14,684)
      BB ($24,629)
      UTG ($45,697)
      Hero ($42,072)
      UTG+2 ($27,876)
      MP1 ($13,891)
      MP2 ($5,248)
      CO ($45,944)
      BTN ($5,210)

      Dealt to Hero K:heart: A:heart:

      fold, Hero raises to $1,000, fold, MP1 raises to $2,525, fold, fold, [color=red]BTN raises to $5,160 (AI)

      Here I am with 100BBs I'm in a 2$ 1R1A 5K GTD tourney with about 1000 people left and I'm 90/100. 171 ITM

      MP1: Over 35 hands 40/23 with 29% 3bet .
      BTN: Over 18 hands 17/6 no 3bet, no 4bet.

      I'm safe. I'm more than safe. I have at least 2.5x average stack.

      I'm sitting with AKs and thinking: MP1 will call the 4bet or overshove. BTN might have JJ+. MP1 has been aggresive but now might have a monster.
      I've invested only 2.5BB in the pot and by calling the BTN shove I risk getting overshoved by MP1 risking 1/3th of my stack on at best a coinflip.

      I'm either pair vs ak vs ak or Big pair vs AK vs small pair. Either way, the risk is high.

      I'm folding here, how about you? I'm pretty sure I won't see a flop by just calling BTN shove since this kind of aggresion makes me think he'll over shove.

      Would you fold?
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    • malosanmaka
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      Why would you even think of calling oop/not closing action?

      It's a push or fold for sure. And I really don't think you can fold vs that loose MP1. You should be way ahead of his range, and you clearly have odds against BTN.
    • sahists
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      This is super standart shove spot for me:
      1.) MP1 with 29% 3bet can be light here and fold his 3bet bluff range and you are HU with BU and dead money.
      2.) You are in good shape against MP1 value range, I asume he would call your shove with 1010+ AQ+ maybe also 99 and AJs if he is rely loose.

      You have plenty of chips left if you loose and in big field donkments we need to take any +EV spots
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      Thinking it in retrospective now with some added info from you guys that was a bit too nitty. Turns out it MP1 had QQ, BTN had JJ. Would have hit the top of MP1's range and probably middle of BTN range.

      Also irellevant, would have won that hand with TPTK+NFD on the flop.

      Thanks for the input, I should loosen up here I guess. If if I run into a big hand, well, happens :)
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      such an std shove