[Application] Sunday Grind - Solid Reg up to $11 Mtts - $126.50 total

    • gonnagetya
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      [ The Stake ]

      I hereby present my staking request for upcoming Sunday, 24-07-2011, which has a total Buyin-Value of $126.50 for 13 Mtts.

      Note: this is my first request. I have never been staked on Pokerstrategy.com and tried to maintain a reasonable schedule that fits both to my skill and the stakers expectation to keep variance in control.


      430010397----The Bigger $22------------18:00----$22
      430010407----Turbo, $20k Gtd.----------18:30----$11
      430010427----$15k Gtd.-------------------19:00----$5.5
      430010003----$11 Sunday Storm--------19:30----$11
      430010487----Turbo, $12k Gtd.----------19:45----$2.2
      430010497----The Bigger $11------------20:00----$11
      414935106----$5k Gtd.---------------------20:00----$3.3
      414935128----Turbo, 10k Gtd-------------20:30----$4.4
      430010517----Rebuy, $3.30 $40k Gtd---20:30---$15.3
      430010567----Turbo, $20k Gtd.----------21:00----$5.5
      430010587----$20k Gtd.-------------------21:30----$11
      430010637----$12k Gtd.-------------------22:30----$8.8
      430010677----2R1A, $30k Gtd.-----------22:45----$15.5


      [ About me ]

      I started playing online poker back in 2008. I've never been a mass-grinder since I see myself pursuing a college career in the future and devote most of my time to college studies.

      I started playing SnGs with Pokerstrategys $50 and soon build a solid Bankroll which allowed me to play MTTs up to a Buyin of $11.

      In 2009 and 2010 I experienced several Final Table scorings and finished 1st a couple of times. I've been successful at both turbo and non-turbo tournaments.

      I consider myself being a solid player on MTTs up to a buyin of $11. I actually had the bankroll to move up in the limits, decided to avoid it though because of the fact that I didnt have the adequate time to improve my skills according to the rising limits.

      My Screenname on PS: g0ingtogetya

      My Stats: OPR-Link

      [ Why I want to get staked ]

      Last year I cashed out 98% of my Bankroll because I didnt have the time to play online poker on a regular basis anymore.

      Right now I'm 3 months off and want to spend it by playing poker! This is an attempt to rebuild a bankroll.

      [ Staking Conditions ]

      75 / 25 in your favor
      If I reach the final table its' 60 / 40 in your favor.

      I sell 100% of the Stake!
      Quota: 10% = $12.65

      Due to the fact that the total value is kind of low, I only accept offers starting at 10%. I reserve the right to prefer stakers who offer a larger %-amount.

      This stake only takes part if I sell 100%.

      Spreadsheet to keep my stakers posted: HERE

      Feedbackthread: HERE
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    • L3ST
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      Sorry to bust your thread but this is very last minute. Try setting up the thread about one week before, you have more chances to sell % beforte the tournaments start.

      Good luck with your stake.

      ps: Sunday is 24/07.
    • gonnagetya
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      np & thx for date correction :) .
    • thazar
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      Hi gonnagetya

      That's a great stake application however due to been mostly active in the German Community and the German Community having a staking forum as well, you are much more likely to get a greater response in the community you are better known in. Also in accordance to a lot of other stake requests that I have closed for the same reason I also have to close this one. I hope you understand and you are welcome to contact me through PM to discuss it.

      Best regards