ID check failed

    • madhan12
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      Guys i passed the quiz and uploaded images of my driving licence and my passport. Still i got a message saying i failed the id check. This really hurts!
      Head admins or moderators, if you guys can help me, i'd really he thankfull. Please guys.
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    • purplefizz
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      hi madhan12,

      it's unfortunate that your id check failed, im really sorry about this but we cannot disclose any more information nor can the security decision be overturned. the free $50 has attracted quite a lot of fraudulent activity in the past so security measures were put in place to protect everyone.

      but dont fret. the starting capital is just the least of the benefits that this site can offer you. this includes excellent strategy articles, poker videos and professional coachings as you move up in status. link on status explanation

      you can still participate by depositing your own money in these poker rooms (please follow instructions carefully so no mistakes are made) or if you feel unready to do that, you can join freerolls and take some free money offers to build your roll up.
      link for other free money/freeroll options

      seems like i said a lot already. check out those links and let us know how you get on :)