Hud Questions

    • bonnie111
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      Do Huds work ? and where can i get a free one on this or another site. I am looking at any way to improve my game. I suppose i dont play as much as i would like because of work. about 10 mtts a week.

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    • keoghh
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      Hey, yes HUDs are very useful, you can try elephant which is a free HUD from pokerstrategy, although i myself and others by the looks of it have encountered alot of problems with it. Or you can try downloading the free trial from pokertracker 3 (60 days), and the free trial from Holdem Manager(15 days), hope this helped. :)
    • purplefizz
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      thanks for the info keoghh. :f_thumbsup:
      it will take quite some practice to work with a HUD, and in my opinion, not necessary to win in the lowest stakes.

      however, it has other uses to, for example if you find it quite nice to see some graphs, see how many hands you've played, review your play, etc.

      here's a link of all the free software you can get from :)
      the Elephant will give you a free HUD. the software is still being improved so its far from flawless :P but did i mention that it's free? well, at least it will give you stepping stone while you are not yet willing to shell out money for the HEM or PT3 (which you can also get in our shop for a discount).
      my favorite program there is probably the equilator (but the SnG players tell me that the ICM trainer is a must): here it is: