hiper turbo 6max sng

    • Amitis
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      I wana ask you one thing guys. Do you think it's mathematically, theoretically possible to get any >0 roi in 6 max 1,5$ and 7$ where in the first one the rake is over 7% and in the second - 4.5%? We need consider that best 6 max satelite players barely ever have more than 3% roi on their game with the 2% rake. Wonder what do you think about that!
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    • Bigniux
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      I think 1,5$ limit is definitely beatable even with such rake just because i would expect to see totally ridiculous level of play, not sure about 7$(just my opinion, haven't played them).

      The reason why best sats players have such low ROI is because the field is tougher in their games :)