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Busted from 50k guaranteed @ Everest Poker

    • CaveZone
      Joined: 15.04.2009 Posts: 12
      Hi all,

      I have just been busted from this tournament and I have a mixture of feelings about how I played my hand.

      I was dealt KK when in 43rd position out of 123 players left (461 started), 50 spots paid.

      Blinds were 300-600 and I had around 20k, a bit less than my enemies in this hand.

      UTG +1 raises 2,5 bb, UTG+2 calls, MP2 re-raises 3 times the original bet. I stop here and think: raise, call, re-raise... uhmmm, smells like someone having a really big hand and probably not wanting to fold pre-flop to a re-raise or all-in from me, so I decided just to call and, depending on the other guys actions (I spoke last) I would decide what to do. I also thought that if the flop was favorable (low cards, no aces) I could extract more than if I just went all-in pre-flop, though I know that is a risky business but hey, if you don't risk, you don't win.

      The first raiser folds pre-flop so we were 3 to the flop, which came low with 2 hearts (you can smell the tragedy here already, can't you?) Check, check, my turn: 15k on the pot, 15ish k behind me: ALL IN. Call from UTG+2, MP2 folds (I think he could have folded QQ there!)

      My enemy shows AK of hearts and yes, a third heart hits the turn and I was out.

      What do you guys think? All in pre-flop against possible AA or just call, wait for flop and post action and get more potential reward by playing slow?

      I know next time will be an all in pre-flop or even a 4 bet depending on the amount of blinds left...

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    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Im always trying to get it in pre flop here the only thing thats (maybe) getting me out the hand is if both the other guys are super nits playing like 4/4 :D

      I wouldnt wanna be playing this hand 3 way and have the flop come down with an A. Also i wouldnt be thinking of position/players left you have a very strong hand and you should just think about getting the most value from it.

      Then again this might be why i havent shipped an MTT for a looooong time :f_love: