Suit Selector not working

    • Edukator99
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      Hi. When I use the suit selector it doesn't seem to work.

      I click on hand range selection button then choose a range.
      I click the suit selection button then choose a hand ...say JTs. Then I click the suit selection button again but the screen that pops up has everything greyed out and nothing can be selected?

      Same if I do this by pressing alt and the hand I want.

      Everything else seems fine. Am I doing something wrong?
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi Edukator99,

      Just tried it as well and for me it seems to work. So do I understand you correctly that when you are in the "Please assign suits to selected subranges" - window it is not possible for you to click on any suit?

      Which version do you use?
      Which operating system do you have?

      Best regards
    • patszerdonk
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      Just for confirmation, It working fine with me. Both method (slow method and using alt). Win XP, Equilab
    • CollinMoshman
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      I'm actually having the same issue when I click on a suited hand; everything is grayed out in the "Please assign suits" window, whereas it is working correctly for pairs and unsuited hands.

      Version, Windows 7

      Any help much appreciated, thanks.