• Jimmy2
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      Hi all, just moving from casual live poker to online and enjoying the buzz :-).

      Would appreciate any pointers folks have towards which are the best online sites and how the software compares between them.

      Thanks in advance.
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    • purplefizz
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      hi Jimmy2,

      welcome to our community! :) glad to have you join us.
      hmmm so you want to know about online sites? maybe our other members can help out here. :) we do have forums discussing each poker site so feel welcome to browse through there. :) (under forums, scroll down, you will see each room name)

      but here goes my 2 cents! in my opinion, the nicest software belongs to pokerstars. it has the biggest traffic probably followed by PartyPoker. In general, the smaller sites have more software problems, less traffic but also softer competition.

      here's a list of our affiliated poker rooms :)


      ps i strongly urge you to use the PokerStrategy.com links to join the rooms. there are so many threads asking about being retracked to us (which isnt normally possible) so that they can enjoy the more advanced strategy articles, videos and coachings. just dont want you to regret anything there ;)