Hey folks,

Welcome to our forum. We think of ourselves as a community connected by a shared interest - poker. We want to offer the opportunity to talk about poker with others and improve your game in the meantime. That said, we also wish to allow you to discuss topics not directly related to poker - because even for poker fans, the world doesn't revolve around the game alone. So it comes to no surprise that you'll find a few forums not directly linked to poker.

To put a long story short: We consider ourselves hosts and welcome you as guests in our forum.

To us, hospitality means
• Friendly manners and facilitation of a friendly atmosphere
• Offering help and service
• Actively listening to feedback and criticism

That's why we wish to create a comfortable atmosphere for you as our guests, but in return expect you to actively participate in doing so.

Our moderation is based on the same host <-> guest principle which can be compared to a private party. As hosts, it's obvious we want you to feel comfortable, but at the same time we're the ones setting the tone when it comes to what is allowed and what isn't. It is based on the following basic principles:

• We tolerate neither insults nor derogatory behaviour – no flames
• We don't allow discussions to be disturbed by inappropriate posts - no spam
• We don't want provocateurs who complain for the sake of complaining - no trolling
• We don't allow advertising or trading without our prior consent - no ads
• We're open for criticism, but will not tolerate agitation against ourselves
• Topics, videos, pictures or other content that we consider to be "bad taste" is not permitted
• There is no room for negative campaigns at PokerStrategy.com - not against our members or ourselves
• As hosts, we reserve the right to decide violations on a case-by-case basis

Our administrators and moderators do their best to make sure those principles are held up. Our goal is a community in which all members like to participate in open discussions - that is only possible if we act fair to one another.
We will intervene in cases of violations against the principles:
• The guest receives a stern warning
• The guest is excluded from the community for at least two weeks after his violation

We will provide the reason for certain decisions to the affected user by email, but will not discuss them publicly.
Should you have a question about a decision taken by one of our moderators, please contact english@pokerstrategy.com

We wish you best of luck and a pleasant stay at PokerStrategy.com!