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+++Staking Forum - Introduction+++

    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Staking Forum - Introduction

      Basic Principles
      There are three basic principles in the staking forum that are valid without exception:

      1) takes no responsibility for staking deals between members.

      2) will not aid in investigation of problems or potential fraud cases. We will not give away any personal data of a potential "suspect".

      3) A member that wants to be staked must create a feedback thread in Staking: Discussion and Feedback and link it in his application. While this thread might be closed or deleted by the moderation team, the creator has no right to request so. In this thread, feedback about the creator will be left unchanged as long as it is otherwise within the board rules.

      Everyone that offers himself for staking in this forum agrees that feedback about his person will be publicly viewable on
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    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      What is staking?

      Staking describes deals in which one person gives another money to participate in tournaments or cash games. The most frequent reasons for staking are insufficient bankrolls or variance. Usually, the winnings are split in predetermined percentages.

      Staking - Hints and Tips

      Make sure you and your staking partner agree on the following things beforehand:

      • For which tournament or time frame is the staking deal valid? What amount is the stakers participation?
      • How is the stakers share determined? Who receives what percentage?
      • Are bonuses, rakeback and other promotions included in the deal?
      • What about other expenses of the stakee? (travel expenses, cashout fees, etc.)
      • What if a player doesn't participate in the tournament / doesn't play enough for a cash game staking?
      • How are the winnings paid out to the staker? (Moneybookers, poker room, bank transfer, etc.)

      Tips for Stakers

      Before you stake someone you should:
      • Know your partner's personal details
      • Have a copy of the passport / ID card
      • Have your partners landline number (and test it)
      • Have a verified Email address (i.e. the address from which he sent his passport / ID card)

      The staking should be fixed in a contract. This doesn't have to be a hard copy with signatures; an email is sufficient. The staker should receive an email from the stakee in which he states the conditions of the staking deal as well as his agreement for these terms.

      Tips for staking applications

      In order for your staking applications to be more successful, they should contain your screen name(s), graphs, results and/or other references.