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    • TheCozlol
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      Hello all :D

      I'll start by introducing myself, my names Colin, i'm 20 and live in the UK.

      I have a strong interest in poker and recently decided im going to make a go of it properly.

      I have took down a few biggish tournaments in my time, live and non-live for about $3000 total earnings in the past 2 - 3 years, Most of this accredited to running good in $3 MTTs and having no bankroll management and playing in stakes higher than would be advised :)

      Anywho, after playing around with the $50 starting capital. Raising it to $150 then dropping it back and forth and so on while I try to find a comfortable level. I have finally settled at NL4 3-tabling BSS.

      :club: :diamond: :heart: :spade:

      So, whats this blog about?

      Its going to be me (hopefully) grinding NL4 to NL25 and all the heartaches and heartpounding excitement that comes with the lower limits.

      I will be posting exciting hands, tricky spots and the headscratchers, along with feedback and thought processes. I might even include the occasional video with me chatting live about thought processes.

      I hope to receive a good load of feedback to help improve my game and I hope to maybe help a person or two along thier way to beating me aswell :) .

      Thanks All
      Cheers :D
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    • w0rm24
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      Wow, I get to follow a blog from the very first post! Exciting stuff :D

      GL dude, I shall be keeping an eye on you!
    • IngridN
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      Welcome to our blog section and good luck! :D

    • TheCozlol
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      So Interesting day today. Up and down.

      Im sitting at -$25 all-in EV, so been getting unlucky today. However finished 1k hands with a $5 profit. Not much, but better than a loss :)

      Heres an interesting hand today:

      ***** Hand History for Game 10719440573 *****
      $4 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, July 26, 13:05:39 EDT 2011
      Table Speed #2410019 (No DP) (Real Money)
      Seat 1 is the button
      Total number of players : 9/9
      Seat 5: DeCoz ( $5.23 USD )
      Seat 2: IskRitkyT ( $5.03 USD )
      Seat 9: Keicam06 ( $4.04 USD )
      Seat 1: Lovastoni ( $6.94 USD )
      Seat 4: Pirate_J ( $4.24 USD )
      Seat 8: Wojtas30 ( $4.78 USD )
      Seat 7: alekyur ( $1.54 USD )
      Seat 6: mvanstraaten ( $1.36 USD )
      Seat 3: sickold ( $1.40 USD )
      IskRitkyT posts small blind [$0.02 USD].
      sickold posts big blind [$0.04 USD].

      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to DeCoz [ Ah Qs ]
      Pirate_J folds
      DeCoz raises [$0.16 USD]
      mvanstraaten calls [$0.16 USD]
      alekyur folds
      Wojtas30 folds
      Keicam06 calls [$0.16 USD]
      Lovastoni folds
      IskRitkyT folds
      sickold folds

      So, I get dealt AQo in utg+1 and decide that I will raise as the table is kind of loose, if i hit A or Q i can probaly take it down after the flop, or even preflop. my cbet usually gets everyone to fold

      ** Dealing Flop ** [ Ad, Qh, 4h ]
      DeCoz checks
      mvanstraaten checks
      Keicam06 checks

      So cant believe my luck here, I hit top two on a 3 way dry board. I check for deception as I believe they are holding small cards and dont want them to fold as I have a monster

      ** Dealing Turn ** [ 8c ]
      DeCoz bets [$0.26 USD]
      mvanstraaten calls [$0.26 USD]
      Keicam06 folds

      Now i make a small 1/2 pot bet and get one caller. Aslong as the river isnt something disgusting im pretty sure I can get a value bet on the river. At this point I put the caller on Ax, JJ, or small pocker pairs, no sets

      ** Dealing River ** [ 3c ]
      DeCoz bets [$1.01 USD]
      mvanstraaten is all-In [$0.94 USD]

      So river is a blank. im pretty sure I have the hand locked up and put him all in. If he has Ax, Qx or any small pair, he will definetly call. To my shock...

      DeCoz shows [ Ah, Qs ]two pairs, Aces and Queens.
      mvanstraaten shows [ Qc, Qd ]three of a kind, Queens.
      DeCoz wins $0.07 USD from the side pot 1 with two pairs, Aces and Queens.
      mvanstraaten wins $2.80 USD from the main pot with three of a kind, Queens.

      Well, No preflop 3 bet, no cbet and no 3 bet on the turn confused the shit out of me. IS it ever possible to put your oppenent on a set of queens when you hold one? Could I of played this better?

      Thanks all :)
    • TheCozlol
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      Crazy Day Today!

      So I woke up and decided to play 3 x $1 and 1 x $3 45 man STT.

      I binked the top prize in the $3 for $45 so im a happy guy today, nice boost to the bankroll :) .

      I ran so horridly in cash games today, loosing 3 BI in about 100 hands, but through grinding and my big hands holding up, i managed to Break Even :) .

      Now about to go for a $1k guaranteed on Partypoker so wish me luck all, will post the results later.

    • TheCozlol
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      Sorry for double post, but just doubled up in the first hand.

      I had pocket aces, hit a set on the flop.
      Slow played as it was a horrible dry board.

      He hit his set of deuces on the turn, and spewed his chips into my pocket.

      Running good :D
    • Wriggers
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      Don't worry about that AQ hand, just a cooler :D No way can you put him on a set there, for QQ you would expect a 3bet preflop, probably not a bet on the flop since it's so dry, maybe a raise on the turn but still, it's a very dry board. But you played it fine in my opinion. The check on the flop is fine since the flop is so dry. A small bet to get people to call with bluffcatchers on the turn is fine (Although i'd probably make it a bit bigger so the value shove on the river is smaller in relation to the pot, but i didn't even add the pot up properly, just a quick guess :D ).