Some hands from the brick n' mortar

    • Tontor
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      So I was playing a local casino game and these hands came up

      Hero UTG +1 ($450) ATs
      Villain BU ($450+)
      UTG raises to 8$
      Hero calls
      4 other callers

      Flop T T 7

      Checked to the button, BU bets $20
      Hero calls, everyone else folds

      Turn 4

      Hero Check
      Villain Bet $40
      Hero Raise to $80
      Villain Raise to $160
      Hero Call

      River 2

      Hero Check
      Villian Bet $260

      Hero UTG raise to $10 with QQ
      3 or 4 callers then SB ships for $120
      This is the first hand villian has played in approx. 20 hands since he sat down

      Hero ($250) is in cutoff and limps with Qd4d after 4 other limpers

      Flop Q43 with club flush draw

      SB bets out $10 and is called by BB and Hero

      Turn Ts to give spade draw

      SB bets out $25 and is called by both again

      River 2 and SB for Hero's stack

      Edit: In hand three, a different player did raise the flop to $25, then $40 on turn, then all-in.


      As for reads, first hand the guy had just sat down and I knew one fact, he had called a raise with 85o on the feeder (someone told me a hand they lost a big pot in) and that when he has something he plays it out, so not a whole lot of tricks with this guy.

      The third hand I was involved with the guy at the table that was one of two loose cannons. Both were pretty aggressive and there to gamble it up.

      Edit: In hand three, a different player did raise the flop to $25, then $40 on turn, then all-in.
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    • bradomurder
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      Hand 1: Lead flop, bet turn, bet river.
      As played you really played it face up so you could probably fold vs anyone good, At a casino I'd expect most people to get it in with most tens there so I call.

      Hand 2: I'll quote a book I just read and say "I turbo-snap-call so fast I almost jam my index finger"

      Hand 3: Vs average casino players I raise the flop, and probably look to get it in but obviously you need some reads on the players, as played I think I'd fold the river
    • tokyoaces
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      Hand 2:

      Easy fold unless you want to ride the variance wave. You are only ahead of a pure bluff and mostly likely are terribly behind. Against the tightest range you have less than 50% equity and against TT+, AK you are flipping for a full buy-in.

      If you are a pro playing 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week then go for it, but there are so many massive EV+ spots live that you don't need to gamble for a 0.5% edge.

      KK+, AKs = 27% Hero equity
      TT+, AK = 52% Hero equity
    • i5bet72o
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      Firstly for B&M hands, u absolutly must post your previous reads on ppl or at the minimum how they look (this is the equivalent of online HUD stats).
      Hand 1: lead or c/r flop, ppl massivly overplay trip in live poker and u want max value. As played on the river I would probally call (again given that ppl overplay trips in live poker), tho against some players i might fold the river
      Hand 2: 20 hands isnt much of a sample. The only way i would possibly fold is if he is a old man. We also have to consider the fact that many live players would NOT shove AA (maybe not even KK) b/c they dont want to "scare away the action" lets assume that the other players r not trapping, u need 39% equity to make the call, imo he could be shoving wide enough that it could be a huge mistake to fold. again this depends so much on how the player looks.
      Hand 3: not raising the flop here is absolutly terrible. Live player almost never donk a set and massivly over TP. Do u mean he overbet shoves river? If he did, i would sigh, say "your 56 is good" and fold. Both fulldraws missed but it is too expensive to bluff catch (b/c imo he isnt valueshoving worse)
    • Tontor
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      Thanks for the input, I have added my player info and also changed the last hand since I found the piece of paper I had scrawled it on!