Seating Arrangement:

Ace_Ivo is at seat 1 with 26.35.
Mabuse007 is at seat 2 with 26.00.
HellverMen is at seat 3 with 23.60.
acKop6uHKa is at seat 4 with 29.95.
Goa73 is at seat 5 with 20.40.
GeorgiMM is at seat 6 with 10.85.

Post Blinds:

The button is at seat 1.
Mabuse007 posts the small blind of 0.15.
HellverMen posts the big blind of 0.25.

Deal Pocket Cards:

Ace_Ivo: Qc Qs
Mabuse007: -- --
HellverMen: -- --
acKop6uHKa: -- --
Goa73: -- --
GeorgiMM: -- --

acKop6uHKa raises 0.75.
Goa73 calls 0.75.
GeorgiMM calls 0.75.
Ace_Ivo raises 3.15.
Mabuse007 folds.
HellverMen folds.
acKop6uHKa calls 2.40.
Goa73 calls 2.40.
GeorgiMM folds.

Flop (9c 5c 7c):
acKop6uHKa checks.
Goa73 checks.
Ace_Ivo raises 5.45.
acKop6uHKa calls 5.45.
Goa73 calls 5.45.

Turn (9c 5c 7c 4s):
acKop6uHKa checks.
Goa73 checks.
Ace_Ivo raises 17.75.
acKop6uHKa calls 17.75.
Goa73 calls 11.80.

River (9c 5c 7c 4s 4h):

Ace_Ivo shows Qc Qs.
Ace_Ivo has 4s 4h 9c Qc Qs: Two Pair
acKop6uHKa shows 6c 4c.
acKop6uHKa has 4c 5c 6c 7c 9c: Flush (4c 6c)
Goa73 shows 5s As.
Goa73 has 4s 4h 5s 5c As: Two Pair (A 5)

Pot Summary:
Total Pot: 74.25
acKop6uHKa wins 59.83.
acKop6uHKa wins 11.42.
House Rake: 3.00

I wasn't really sure about the turn. My opponent's checked in to me, so I thought I must have the strongest hand still. Ik was up against a flush but I did draw to a higher one.

Can anyone help met with how I should play the turn.