[NL2-NL10] Live Hand, Aces vs weird opponent

    • elhh82
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      Playing a funny 3 blind game, BU puts in 0.5bb, SB and BB put in one BB each, action plays out as usual from UTG to BB but limping in is for 2BB, doesn't matter too much for my hand though.

      Villain flats quite a lot pre, but is very tight and very aggressive so far post flop. I've only played about 20 hands so far and she always had he nuts when she bet/raised.

      Me (MP) 130bb
      Villain (Blind) 500bb

      I open raise to 7.5bb with A A, villain flats, one more call.

      Flop J 6 x check, check, I bet 12.5bb, villain raises to 22.5bb, fold, I call

      Turn 6 6 villain puts me all in for about pot size.

      Can I fold here? I think I beat KK, QQ, and flopped 2 pair without a 6 (J xnot too likely tho I think) in her range but is crushed by her sets or maybe even 6 x now.
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    • Bierbaer
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      Imo 3bet or fold flop.
      You're going broke vs better hands anyway and the opponent is usually not folding FDs.
      You might or might not push Jx out of the pot, but generally I think you're more likely to get called.

      As played there is no reason to fold the turn. The only reason for calling the flop is to "induce" something on the turn and the 6 doesn't really help the opponents range.
    • elhh82
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      I would have to 3-bet shove then since I would have less than pot on the turn with a 3-bet to say 40bb.

      Can't see this opponent calling without KK/QQ/2 pair or set if I shove.

      Won't we need to have some kind of sick read to fold on the flop with her small raise?
    • veriz
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      Hello elhh82,

      The problem actually here may as well be that your bet size may easily even induce the opponent to raise with any kind of FD/Jx hands. Myself I would bet a bit bigger on flop since the pot should be as well bigger maybe even ~25BB? My CBet would be ~16-20BB or something similar.

      About the play vs a min-raise I wouldn't really be sure if we can go broke here. I mean as you said she most often had nuts till now when he bet/raised. Can we even expect the opponent to go broke with TP? More likely if she is a thinking opponent then she wont continue anyways with FD so practically we just defend vs FD but meanwhile at the same time isolate ourselves against better hands.

      So the question again would be did you had something in mind with the small CBet? Which is near 1/2 pot size. Induce a raise? Since you are just giving away very good odds for a draw. And if he had a draw then I'd be inclined even to think that she would just take them and not raise unless she played his draws aggressive as well. Therefore this might be the reason I might even sometimes consider rather Betting it bigger and then finding an easy fold even.

      As played on turn of course there is nothing much to add, I am not folding either. The 6 made just her less likely to even have a hand. As you did Call it on flop it didn't change much, still pretty much the same hands you did beat on flop you beat now.

      Hopefully it did help.

      Best regards.