Books from PokerStars shop

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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Much cheaper on EBay. Even get them second hand, Read, Re-Sell, it will noly cost you the postage.
    • Bigniux
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      Yea, i bought few books. You don't have to pay for delivery, it's already included in the store prices :)

      The prices are ok if your VIP level is Platinum or lower

      I've checked only "Advanced PLO Vol II & Vol III" prices and here's what i got.

      Platinum 650$ cash bonus gives you 0,013$/FPP value. The book costs 2k FPPs, which makes it 26$. price is 23$ w/o shipping, so Stars win here(at least in my case, cause shipping to my country is 5+$).

      If you're Supernova, the best value for your FPPs you'll be able to get is 0,016$/FPP if you buy 4k$ bonus(unless you save up 3M FPPs for Porsche which is 0,0205$/FPP) and at this rate, the book would cost 32$ -> stars lose vs