Titan Shootout

    • farrellwi
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      Hi all,

      I was grinding earlier today on Titan and I noticed they have this new Titan Shootout tournament.

      I tried to find the website for more info but no luck, I'm guessing it'll be up in the next day or so as I don't recall it being in the client 2 days ago.

      Has anyone noticed this tournament or know any information?

      From what I understood from their description, it's basically like a regular shootout tournament.

      I know that iPoker Rooms don't have shootout tournament format so I guess that's y they have made a regisration tournament with buy-in of $27.50 to create a list and then use the players on that list to fill up 10 full tables that I counted (10 players per table).

      what intrigues me the most is that from a prize pool of $2500 the winner gets $1000 and for defeating the first table before final table u get $65.

      If this is the case I'm really feeling these kinda tournaments, cause I used to play shootouts a lot on Full Tilt ( May she rise from the ashes ASAP).

      If any of you are interested in this tournament drop a line, I would like to hear your insights on this misterious tournament that showed up suddenly in the client.
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