[NL2-NL10] KK live vs fish in multiway pot preflop

    • elhh82
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      1/2/2 blinds (1 in BU, 2 in SB and BB), 2bb to limp

      UTG 18bb (fish, calling station)
      UTG+1 90bb (fish, super calling station, makes occasional bluffs post flop if nobody is taking the lead)
      Me 125bb
      BU 170bb (drunk aggro tard)

      utg limp, utg+1 limp, I raise to 10bb with KK, BU call, UTG goes all in, UTG +1 calls

      I ask if this reopens the action and dealer said yes.

      I go all in

      1. Would it make sense to flat and try to play my KK multiway postflop OOP?

      2. I couldn't figure out a raise size other than shoving that made sense. I guess if I make a small raise, UTG+1 will always call. But I didn't want BU to also just call and make me play him postflop OOP.
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