• Kaitz20
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      Once a month I have poker hame game with my friends. Buy-in is 5$ and blind are 0,1-0,2$- Last 3-4 games I´ve lost smt like 20-30$ although my friends are calling stations and limp with any two. Today my friend decided to call my all-in bet with 64s and won against my AT. I know that I put the money in when I was ahead, but still it was so awful game to my friend that I became so angry. What to do next. Should I stop playing home games, since I can´t won donks, who don´t know anything about the poker or should I also call with A9s UTG raise 10 BB. I know that I ain´t playing my A glame and I would eat my friends on internet, sadly on live they keep on crushing/folding to my best hands.
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    • swissmoumout
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      erm.. have fun? live poker for 5$ exists for fun and socializing purposes imo. make the most of donking around, you can play seriously on internet :D
      that said, you can also play very TAG and you'll win long term. personally I make 3-5 times more (per hand, not per hour) live than on the net, but you need a lot more patience
    • Corrupted666
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      I have the same problem with my mates at our social games, I find it impossible to read them as their liable to call with anything, only method i find that works decently is to play very tight, other than that im not too sure.
    • ManniXXX
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      I used to have this problem but I've been playing with the same people at a live game now for over a year, it doesn't take too long to learn their betting habits, their card ranges and how they play their monsters.

      TAG ftw. Last friday I played around 5 hands all night but won 4 of them. Came third out of eight. I agree though, its more about the social element than anything else.