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    • manyhands
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      hi all can enyone tell me if all players are useing tools to win
      and if so why are the pro online players winning live events
      I play live and have just got into online poker and dont whant to use a tool
      eny advise would be helpful thanks
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    • furculision
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      pro online players use tools when playing live also
    • roopopper
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      Hello manyhands
      Lots of players use hold em manager or pokertracker it records all the hands you played, also do a free version called "elephant" which you can download ;) .You can manage without it, but its saves you having to write millions of notes about players!

      Roo :P

    • mrkhaan
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      I assume you are talking about HUDs. Not all the players online are using it, but many of them do it for sure.
      If you want a HUD free environment, I suggest you play at cake poker, their policy doesn't allow any software help.
      Now, if you ask me, you see this hole thing the wrong way. When you play live, you are using your memory to remember patterns and tells. As you are playing against a moderate number of people, your memory is enough to allow you to keep track on them. But online, the number of hands you will play and the number of players you will meet is huge, plus, there are no physical tells online, so, besides betting patterns and some nick names you won't remember enough data for you to feel as confident as in live sessions.
      Here comes the HUD. The HUD will keep track of players stats ( and only that), it will allow you to "remember" the way other players play. You should see it as a "post it" that does the statistic part for you, nothing else really.
    • manyhands
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      Thanks very much all coments were very helpful