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    • Larres
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      Hi lucace,

      in order to set up the auto import and cash game HUD correctly you should check the followings:

      - Run your poker client and the PokerStrategy.com Elephant with administrator privileges.
      - Set up your poker client to instantly save the Hand Histories locally.
      - Save the Hand Histories in English.
      - Make sure the path of your locally saved Hand Histories is listed at the Elephant's Configuration page and the folder's import state is set to 'active'.
      - Make sure your poker room screenname is listed properly at PokerStrategy.com Elephant's portal settings (to be found at Cash Game & Settings/Sites).
      - Make sure the HUD itself is 'activated' (to be checked at Cash Game & Settings/HUD/Settings) and the minimum handcount required to display stats is set to a resonable value (e.g. '1', not to high).

      Last but not least, if it's not working: Check the import status and error messages at the import page.