Push our Fold??

    • ActionJunkiie
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      Hi everyone. :)
      I need help with my late phase play in HU sng's (push/Fold) So I wanted to ask maybe someone know where I can learn it?? In these articles I couldn't find anything.Just about full ring.

      Maybe someone could give me some tips??? :f_frown:
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    • GraemeDR
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      It would depend on what sort of stacks you have at this stage, and more importantly than anything at all, the player you are playing against. So anything you find will be generalizations. In heads up you are playing the opponent as much as you are playing the hands. For example if the other player is short stacked and has been pushing a lot if I show weakness, then I'll limp in, to induce his shove, and call. (but to my opponents me limping is a sign of weakness, as i tend to raise or fold pre-flop in heads up, not all players do this, and so my playing style is also subjective).

      Best way to learn heads-up is play, play low cost sngs with good stack sizes and not turbos. Develop you own style, learn to spot other people's and use them to your advantage. Be aware of how other people perceive your style. Learn to set this perception up in their heads, or adapt your play to whatever it is at the time. (eg you've been card dead, folding a lot, you opponent is starting to raise all the time pre-flop, knowing you'll fold. You can re-raise to steal with pretty much anything at that point as chances are he'll fold. Learn when to change gears.

      check this out... [edited by thazar]

      the reason you won't see much strategy on heads-up is because it is a psychological art, not a mathematical science, so each game you play is different on so many different levels.
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      sorry I have edited the link but it is another poker school and therefore cannot leave the link

      there is a great article for HU push or fold which is the first gold article


      you probably can see the preview now but you will have to get a few more Sp to read the full article :)


    • ActionJunkiie
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      Ty for advise :)
      I can't read that article because i'am still silver and I busted my PS first capital account and now I'am playing whit account who is not tracked :(

      Maybe someone who is GOLD member can download it for me and send it to my skype?? :f_love:

      this is the article
    • yougotfelted51
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      why dont you try the ICM or ICM trainer light?
      its pretty helpful software for push/fold play.
      however i dont remember if it has HU scenarios
      in them...
    • daun666
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      Here is calculator which makes push/call ranges all you need to do enter Effective Stacks.
      Ofcourse you cant use it equaly to all opponents you play, you have to make adjustments.
      For example if opponent is tighter you widen your pushing range and tighten your calling range and if he is loose you tighter your pushing range and call looser.