Paddy Power trying to be Full-Tilt?

    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Serriously whats going on?

      First PP introduce there green card (same as full-tilt's black card), and now they have an "iron man" promotion! Just got an e-mail about it.

      I'd love to know what's going on, something smells fishy...
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      Lots of players up for grabs, and people tend to like familiarity. I was wondering when sites would start offering games, features and promotions offered by Full Tilt. Would love to see 300 chip super turbo sngs offered elsewhere, too.
    • BorinJamie1million1
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      Nothing really, PP tend to enjoy running tongue-in-cheek promotions. I think they were taking bets on whether or not FullTilt would be up and running after their hearing in London too.

      Just a bit of a cheeky swipe at one of the big rooms that got hit by Black Friday. As BOYNAMEDSUE said, it's just trying to attract new costumers/players to PaddyPower :)

      Yeah, it would be pretty cool if some of the same style of promotions FT had become a feature on other sites :)
    • TheCozlol
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      I do love paddy powers way of marketing.

      They are truly genuis