WSOP Bracelets being sold

    • keoghh
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      Just seen that some people who win WSOP Bracelets are selling them on ebay and other websites, just wondering what other people think about this, i know if it was me and i won a bracelet i would never want to sell it.

      I understand one was sold for charity and raised ~147k, but then other people are selling them to keep the money, and its not like they would need the money, because most are poker pro's, and also the massive prize money along with the bracelet, and also some pro's can go a whole career without winning one.
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    • JBCD71
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      Hello just wanna let you know what i think about poker bracelets being sold and won at the WSOP.I think every player will have his own opinion about it ,for myself i would never sell my bracelet if i were to win it.I treasure the Game of Poker very close and dear to my heart and to win a bracelet would be life changing for me.I would wear it every day..LOL.I would want more would not be enough.For me theres no need to give it to can give to charity in many different ways,for me.Thou i do understand why some have given it to charity..Its a complicated issue....dont see how you could stop someone from selling it..when its theres..they can do what they want .Thats my opinion..i would love to hear what others think also...interesting issue .JBCD71 A.K.A Johnny ACES Cabral