KK river bluff

    • yougotfelted51
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      NL50 live game, down to 4 handed.

      TAG: ~$130 (CO)
      Station: ~$520 (BTN)
      Villain (TAG): ~$300 (SB)
      HERO: ~$160 (BB) KsKh

      CO straddles $1
      BTN raises to $3.75
      Villain calls $3.75
      Hero reraises to $13.25
      CO folds, BTN folds, Villain calls

      I had been 3betting/4betting infrequently, and only showed down AKo, recently, and 105o at the very start of the night.
      Villain says "i should've been the one squeezing", then calls HERO's 4bet

      Villain would Squeeze 99+, AJs+ in this spot.

      FLOP: As 10s Qd
      Villain checks
      Hero bets $21.50
      Villain calls $21.50

      TURN: As 10s Qd [10d]
      Villain checks
      Hero checks

      RIVER: As 10s Qd 10d [9s]
      Villain bets $26
      Hero reraises to $128, and is all in

      just wondering whether or not turning KsKh into a bluff is +EV in this spot. and if my line looks bluffy. i have to risk $128 to win $230, so has to work 57% of the time i believe.

      any comments regarding my line/play, or alternative options would be great :)
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    • mbml
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      1) what do you put him on when he calls? he would have top pair at the very least IMO. folding shit like 99, rarely having stuff like KQs/KJs
      2) what are u trying to rep? a good hand reader will hero call.
      3) Do you think he will fold those hands? maybe? then you are better off 3barreling instead of checking back the turn and shipping river which looks so suspicious.

      for the purposes of this hand we can treat it like a 150BB spot due to the straddle.

      Checking back the flop is a very viable option too. our hand might become face up but that doesnt mean it's the inferior play esp if villain is not so good.
    • yougotfelted51
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      @ mbml

      1) on flop i feel its A2-A8, KQ, QJ, J10. so like weak tp hands/ pair + gutshots

      2) i realize i do not rep much of a value range, however i felt villain cant handread too well, and i have a solid, tight image. its funny, both other players said i had to have AA,QQ before i flipped my cards :f_biggrin:

      3) i think his entire range consists of weak bluff catching hands, i was tempted to fold, but having the K of spades swayed me.
      also thought about checking back flop too, seems like the best line in this situation

      thanks for your input galvin :)

      btw, he had KJo, which i didn't consider, as there are only 8 combos, and didnt think villain would call straddle/flat my 4b oop with it....