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    • theBroda
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      Hello, PokerStrategy users, I'll try to be short.

      Few days ago I registered an account here and was asked to send an ID for confirmation, but because my husband already has a account from this PC, I decided to register from from my work PC, I did that yesterday and today when I came back for my early shift I found our that I'm asked for ID check again, as I had taken pictures of my ID before, I immediately uploaded them but in my surprise, when I came back home, I saw that my account has been rejected without any proper reasoning. The ID was captured with a 5MP camera and was not blurry or anything, I did not make any mistakes registering account too, so why was it rejected?

      Would be nice if someone from crew of this website would answer, thank you in advance and have a nice weekend everyone!
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi theBroda,

      Please drop our Customer Support team a ticket and they might be able to throw some light onto this for you.

      Please note however that sometimes they will be unable to provide you with the exact reason if by doing so it would give away the security measures that it undertakes.

      Best regards,

    • theBroda
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      Thank you dear, I've just submitted a ticket. Not too much hopes that I'll get another chance, but at least I'll know why was I rejected. :)
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Im sorry to hear that you failed the ID check theBroda,

      Chances are you wont find out the exact reason why. We have strict security checks and revealing the methods would leave it vunerable to people trying to take advantage of multiple accounts etc.

      We have plenty to offer here though i was denied the capital when i first joined up but a stuck around cos we have plenty to offer at if you deposit a little of your own funds or work up from freerolls you will start earning strategy points straight away and unlocking all our great content.

      Hope you stick around,