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Fifty50 strategy

    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      I have been grinding Fifty50'es ($15 and $30) at Stars for quite some time now and was wondering about the calling ranges on, or close to the bubble.

      Let's assume that a villain has the tendency to push any two cards from the SB, or a somewhat better range from any position. What should my calling ranges be?


      1 - I am an below average stack with one or two more people having the same stack sizes as me, with six or seven players left.

      2 - I am by far the bigstack and could easily lose two all-in's and still be able to continue in relative safety.

      I am usually ahead at least by 60/40 against their ranges with any ace, and even lesser hands. But how does the payout structure affect the profitability of calling them? Is it worth to gain those extra chips, which convert directly into hard money [or not that hard, if dealing with $, (or € for that matter)], at the risk of losing the buy-in, as that part of the payout is not dependent of the amount of chips one holds when the sixth player busts.

      Has anybody done the maths behind this? :) I'd really appreciate more insight to this topic. :)
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      It is definitely worth it to take some risks to accumulate chips. Your risk-aversion should be much lower than in a double-or-nothing tournament.

      To use the ICM, use prizes of 60%-10%-10%-10%-10%. This is implemented in the registered version of my program ICM Explorer and in SNG Wizard.

      For example: 100/200/25, 7 players
      BTN+4: 1500
      BTN+3: 1500
      HJ: 2000
      CO: 2000
      BTN: 2000
      SB: 1500
      BB: 4500

      If the SB pushes, then you are hardly risk-averse at all as the big stack. According to the ICM, your risk premium is 2%:

      Fold: 4275 chips, 0.235, SD: $23.19
      Win: 6125 chips, 0.303
      Lose: 3000 chips, 0.1841
      Tie: 4562.5 chips, 0.2459

      Equity needed: 42.79%
      Chip odds: 40.8%
      Risk premium: 1.99%

      Nash equilibrium: SB pushes 51%, BB calls 42%
    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      Thank you Pzhon. :) I will have a look.