Obama is very tight and the real reason for Black Sunday.

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      The truth is here.We waited long but the truth is finally here to comfort us.

      1.Video segment one:
      a.Proves that Obama played poker.
      b.Proves that Obama was a losing player and he was known to play only the nuts almost never bluff.He was a tight passive poker good player were pushing him around.

      2.Video segment two:
      a.Proves Obama has no poker face.
      a1.Proves is easy to read.

      Due to his tight passive style and the absence of a poker face Obama had no shot in live cash games.

      Now I have a theory here.Lets break it down.

      :f_cool: GREY FRIDAY THEORY :f_cool:

      One week before Online Poker Black Friday Obama was playing on FTP.Now Obama is rich so he could play with any of the pros and Even if he loses alot of money is no problem is it? :f_p: So Obama is waiting and waiting for the nuts and The Pro is going "Gus Hansen style"on his ass.He finally gets them KK on the botton.
      NLH Heads-Up:

      Obama SB
      The Pro BB

      Obama (KK)
      The Pro (AQs)

      Obama raise 4x;The Pro re-raise to 10x;Obama calls

      (at this point The Pro is putting Obama on JJ or QQ)

      Flop: A A K

      The Pro checks ;Obama bets 1/3 of the pot;The Pro calls.

      (at this point The Pro is putting Obama on KK)

      Turn: 4

      Obama: KK 84.09%

      The Pro AQ 15.09%

      Now Obama waited so long for the like in his head he is like"no Q no A one time no Q no A".
      Now me and Mike "the mouth" Matusow are the only people as far as I know that will tell you this.If a bad beat is coming FTP is the best.


      River: 4

      Board: A A K 4 4

      Obama is like "I got YOU NOW YOU M*()()*F(*)*()*R)"
      The pro bets all in.
      Obama calls and stands up victorious with hands in the air screaming "WHO IS YOUR DADY B^%*".
      Now this is the breaking point.The chips go to The Pro !?!?!!?

      Obama is like wtf? :f_o:

      Obama rebuys and after few hands flops queens full of jacks when The Pro has jacks full of queens(The Pro slow played his jacks pre flop).
      All the money go in.Obama will almost break even after this pot and he will quit with the feeling that he played great poker.
      Now FTP hand randomizer does fatal mistake:

      River: J

      Dealer: The Pro wins the pot with four of a kind Jacks.

      BarackObama:You talking to me?

      From this moment on the days of Online Poker in America were counted and FTP was going down for "good".Obama was on sick tilt...

      THE END
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