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    • roopopper
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      hello ps :P
      I really think that mss is missing post flop play in the silver articles.

      Having spent sometime trying out bss and reading so much info on post flop strategies, I feel mss would benefit a great deal from this, I have noticed that sometimes its just not profitable to follow the post flop charts in certain situations and I know this chart is only a guideline to help keep us out of trouble, but it would be fantastic to have some articles on playing hands like overpairs with different board textures and top pairs against certain opponents like the bss get.

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    • Pascal
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      Hi roopopper,

      you are right there is a gap in the MSS articles between bronze and gold
      and we are trying to fill it

      however the best way to get the right ideas for postflop in special situations are the HE forums
      There an experienced player will give you ideas on how to play best in these situations
      Saw you already posted there :)