[Application] 100 $8 180s with 50BI stake.

    • Akcus
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hi, My name is Cary, I am formally requesting a staking deal for 100games of $8 180s on Pokerstars. Require a 50BI stake of $400 for those 100 games.

      I am a winning player on pokerstars and brought initial bankroll of $7.50 when i first started player there Jan 2010, to $1,600+ by the summer as part-time hobby.


      Reason for being staked: I withdrew my winnings on pokerstars and fulltilt to help pay for school. I am taking the summer off from school and prefer not to start again at the super-micro limits.

      The split will be 50/50 of profits with stakeback. Funds transferred will be through pokerstars.

      Selling 5% shares with priority on stakers with the highest offer.

      I plan on completing multiple sets of 100block SNGs. The first block will be played 10-15 per day for 1-1.5weeks.

      I will be updating this thread frequently with progress.

      Add me on community and reply here/PM me with offers. Thank you.


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    • fruktpuff
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      Hi, Akcus!

      As per the Staking Rules members requesting a stake need as one of the conditions to have atleast 300 posts in the English Community.

      As this is not the case here, I will need to close this application, and ask you to re-apply once you meet the requirements to apply for a stake.