Goal for building Bankroll?

    • sharkfin9000
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      I got 49 dollars on my Party poker account, now its at 61.50 :f_eek: or something, been playing a week or two of mostly NL 2 and some tiny amounts of NL 4(100-200 hands max). Since my BR has been back and forth at 58 - 62 for more than a few days, just wondering at what pace should i be satisfied with my BR growth, if i am playing NL 2 lets say.

      According to your standards, if you played 1 table NL 2 for the month of August, how much BR do you expect yourself to have? What are your standards?

      Just wanna have an idea to pace myself, or strive for what kind of results.

      Elephant shows roughly 12.50 dollars profit over 2,730 hands, so far.
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    • sharkfin9000
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      bahh come on!!?? anyone???

      Just wanna get a rough estimate of the amount of money i should be winning if i am playing NL2, dont wanna move up to NL4 till i can completely crush NL2 for sure.

      Any kind of measurement for BR goals?
    • thazar
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      Hi Sharkfin

      It is hard to give you an answer of what you should expect. for example you give us a sample of 2.5k hands.

      because of variance over such a small sample, your graph can really go both way or rather up or down.

      actually 600bb over 2.5 hands is very good and I would not expect you to maintain that although I wish you to. It also depends if you play FR or SH but over a decent sample you can maybe hope for a 10-20bb/100 at most.


    • gsergiul
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      You shouldn't measure it in time but in hands played. Also depends on your bb/100, so that being said how many hands do you play per month and what's your average winrate?
    • sufix645
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      even pros has 100k hands break even periods (loosing and winning too), so you cant expect anything from that.
      you shouldnt think about money at all, because at these limits its not about the money, but things you learn in the way. if you can get even 5-6bbs/100 you should be very happy(long term=100k++).
      basically make goals like: Ill play xxk hands, read xx articles and and watch xx videos this month. If you do all of this you should be happy. Really doesnt matters if you win or lose, since you do all of it as you think is right, so profit will come in time anyways. You dont want to rush anything