Hi there, any advice?

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      Hi there,

      I recently passed the quiz, I thought I'd be cocky and pass the quiz without reading the articles, on the 4th attempt I realised I'm not as clued up on short stacking as I initially thought and had to read the articles! :P

      But anyway, I selected Mansion poker to play with my $50 (only because I was already a member at the other sites). Has anyone else selected Mansion? If so what's the best way to most effectively utilise the $50? I'm mostly a MTT player, have done short stack rampaging on cash tables too (with $25 I turned it into $1000 after a streak of good cards, then lost it all on a single hand!!... QQ). So really I'm asking does Mansion offer decent MTT's ? Such as a guarantee tourney that has less players in it than meets the guaranteed amount?

      Thanks alot!
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