Don't tilt man-its heads up!

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      Hi, guys! Welcome 2 my blog!
      My name is Evgeny and I'm from Russia. I started play HU SNGs on Willam Hill Poker (my nickname is UrInDanger57). Today I registered here and decided to create a blog.
      My purpose: 1000 plays by the end of August, gold or platinum status on ps)))
      I started play today $5.25 hu sng's. Hopes to play higher (planing started $10.5 in the end of a week ), but my bankroll on Willam Hill is too small, because its free $50 frm Pokerstrategy, and now little bit bigger))) Ty for it, guys))
      I play on Stars last year 5-10 sngs and has 8% roi on 1200 games, but dont like this room. (for example because there is only 1 table to each hu sng limit).
      I think that this blog gives me motivation to overcome my lazyness and beat my opponents.
      I try to post some hands, some stats, some ideas about game and about life.
      Thanks for reading it). Its motivation video frm best of the best in hu sng)))
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